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A written piece by phantomarchangel adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


"Bringing in prisoners, really, what sort of Sith are you?"

Vette perks up at the noise coming from outside of the holding cells. It’s Jailor Knash talking.

He’s irritated by something, as usual - he’s never in a pleasant mood, Vette suspects that’s a feature, not a bug, in the personality of someone in his line of work - but what’s unusual is,

this time, he’s insulting a Sith.

Vette can't say she minds the idea of Knash sassing a Sith - it won't end well for him, but there's a small pleasure in hearing

mouth off to them.It had been Sith acolytes that caught her sneaking into that tomb and therefore it had been Sith that had put this

collar around her neck. The damn thing itches too, keeps her up at all hours of the day and night as if to rub it in her face that she's right back where she started.

Damn Imperials and their damn slavery.

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