It's You That I've Been Waiting To Find
It's You That I've Been Waiting To Find ron weasley stories

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It's You That I've Been Waiting To Find

"Harry just do this one little favour for us." James pleaded with his son.

"Look just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want to bang every guy within a 5 metre radius." Harry stated rolling his eyes.

His parents had tried to set him up with several cute guys over the years but to no avail, there was no one interesting left.

"But he's so cute darling." Lily reasoned planting a kiss on Harry’s head much to his dismay,it made him feel as if he were a child.

“Okay but just one date.

” Harry sighed defeated he could spend the whole night discussing it with his parents or he could try one more time and go to his room to catch up on Game Of Thrones he knew which he preferred.

Harry got to the restaurant early only to hide in the toilets trying to fix his hair. Lily had insisted he combed his hair and made sure that he wore his contacts instead of his glasses.

Deciding that he was satisfied with his messy hair, Harry opened the faucet as he closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of the warm water washing away the cloudy white suds.

He sat at the table by himself for a few minutes debating whether or not to order a drink. He may need one if the guy didn't show or if he was too unbearable.

Finally deciding that he’d wait for the man to show up before he ordered anything. He pulled out his phone and group messaged Ron, Hermione and Ginny ‘He’s not here yet’ he texted.

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