It's Too Late(We're Building A Monster)
It's Too Late(We're Building A Monster) i just started writing stories

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It's Too Late(We're Building A Monster)

Obito remembers dying.

The heavy weight of rocks that press down on top of him, stealing his breath and cracking his skull...

Obito remembers war, a battlefield, a bridge.

Obito remembers darkness, and distant voices, burning and screams.

Both remember breaths too short, pain too acute, and light too bright... And that's where reality

And it hurts. Waking up with

memories in his head. Things he'd forgotten, things he never wanted to remember.

he remembers... Skull remembers before, before he woke up with his head filled with fog, messy purple hair and eyes that burned. He remembers.

Skull remembers a time when he screamed a dream, and used something more. Chakra, not just flames.

And... he knows that he can't go back. Because he remembers dying. And not just because he'd screwed up a trick, like the many that he failed at his shows.

Not just because he slipped at the top of the stairs or forgot to check for poison in his food. No he remembers dying. A rather permanent death too considering his state.

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