it's over (i want this part to be over)
it's over (i want this part to be over) emilio aguinaldo/apolinario mabini stories

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A fiction by hugabug adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

it's over (i want this part to be over)

Hilaria takes him to the side and whispers in his ear; "Did you see the way he jumped?"

And his teeth grind against each other in an attempt to keep it all in, the way he would when in the court room and faced with a particularly cunning opponent.

But he's not in the court room right now. Right now, he's in Medical City, wheelchair parked in front of the office of one few doctors in Metro Manila he trusts to save his husband.

And he's grinding his teeth. "Yes." he says, more forceful than he intended. "I saw."

He's not angry at Hilaria, and he tells himself this when she smiles at him sadly and squeezes his shoulder as she walks past into her office.

He tells himself this when Miong comes back from the pharmacy, prescription bottles in a little paper bag, held close to his chest.

He's not angry at Hilaria, despite the easy way Miong's shoulders slump when alone with her compared to the way they stiffen every time he's with Pole.

He's not angry at Hilaria, and he knows this.

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