It’s Not What You Think
It’s Not What You Think emotional hurt/comfort stories

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It’s Not What You Think

Prelude - MIA

Chief Komui sat in his immaculate office, slumped over his desk, his head in his hands, his formerly ebullient manner vanished as if it had never been.

He hadn’t laughed or smiled, eaten or slept, or even bathed or changed his clothes in days.

He’d instead cleaned his office with the single-minded, driven purpose of having something, anything constructive to do, to take his mind off his worries.

Not that it had helped relieve a single iota of tension.

The Millennium Earl was apparently no longer satisfied with attacking their Exorcists on land, in the various once thriving towns and small cities infested by his Akuma.

Now he was either sinking or capturing the ships they travelled upon instead. Komui almost prayed it was the former.

The knowledge that the missing men might have been captured by that sadistic madman, that they might have already been enduring days of unknown tortures,

that at this very moment they might all be in excruciating agony, was rapidly driving him mad as well.

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