It's not bad to fall In love or was it?
It's not bad to fall In love or was it? hijikata toshirou/sakata gintoki stories

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A written piece by lemayora adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

It's not bad to fall In love or was it?

Hijikata Toshirou had sacrificed a lot for the people that he valued the most, but he didn't mind that as long as those people are happy and safe he can manage, he can be contented and happy.

Its not a big deal for him of course the years of hardship and agony he went through during his childhood had shaped him to what he was now, strong, determined, responsible and brave.

Though those attributes helped him to survive this harsh reality those are also the reason why he was mostly isolated and alone,

he doesn't trust anyone aside from his older brother and his other younger brother.

His world revolved around the both of them alone, so when his older brother died when he was 16 and only him and his younger brother was left,

he immediately started thinking what will happen to them, his other brother was also ill and the medications are a little expensive and they didn't have any relatives in Edo.

During those times he started looking for work, after school he goes to the police station to where his brother was previously working, luckily they hired him as an errand boy,

cleaning the station, shredding the paper and sometimes delivering anything those cops' wants.

But he was content with the work, the cops were also teaching him about a thing or two in their line of work which made him decide one thing.

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