Its Like Pacific Rim, but Not
Its Like Pacific Rim, but Not chuck and raleigh are married stories

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Its Like Pacific Rim, but Not

Raleigh Becket looked out at the newest batch of initiates with no small amount of trepidation.

None of these kids were over 15 years of age, and some of them barely reached 14!

Just as they thought humanity was safe, there was a small spike of activity within the Breach and the PPDC was sent into a frenzy,

immediately reopening the Academy and pouring money into the Jaegars and development of new Jaegars.

With Herc the Marshall (even though Pentacost had survived, he was too "unwell" to lead), himself being deemed unfit to pilot due to brain damage, and most of the other pilots being too injured,

they had to rely on a completely new group of cadets and it was up to him and the former pilots to nurture them into capable rangers.

Raleigh was brought out of his review by a nudge in his side and a loud, "Oi!

", that was heard over the excited chattering of the cadets, most of them gazing in awe at the ginger known as Chuck Hansen.

He shot a quick grin at Raleigh, his familiar dimples making an appearance turning back to his audience.

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