It's Complicated
It's Complicated one night stands stories

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It's Complicated

Emma was not the tearful goodbye kind of person, and Walsh was not the exception to this rule. Walsh never made things easy to say the least.

He got too serious too quickly and she wasn't ready for that, so Emma did what she does best and ran.

Naturally they fought and a few unforgettable words were exchanged, so she walked out his front door, not looking back.

That's why Mary Margaret is on her way with wine and ice cream. Emma doesn't really want the ice cream, but she suspected it was more to make Mary Margaret feel like a good friend.

Emma will never turn down a glass of wine and she figures maybe the company will do some good. Mary Margaret was the one person in her life who always seemed to be there for her.

Well, her and David, they were a package deal and had become her family (for lack of a better word) since she moved to Storybrooke.

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