It's All Gone To Shit
It's All Gone To Shit kevin tran stories

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A short story by thosecrazyauthors posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

It's All Gone To Shit

One morning Charlie the groundhog decided to force her friend Dean the squirrel into admitting that he's in love with a bee named Cas. Dean refused to admit that he's bisexual, however.

Charlie face palmed. Cas was secretly in love with Crowleys ass because it was the size of Cas. It looked like two bee-sized marbles squished together.

Dean caught Cas masturbating to a carving of Crowleys ass. Dean shit himself and attacked the carving. He then wept because Cas was cumming on the pillows.

Dean was distressed because cum is difficult to remove from the red silk sheets that he got for Cas. But it was bound to happen eventually.

Cas was undaunted by the sudden appearance of the bisexual squirrel. Crowley strolled into the room at that moment and bawled because his glorious ass carving was ruined.

John and Sherlock, the two old lady hedgehogs from across the street, shook their heads in disappointment. Why did everything their neighbours did always end in grown men (animals) crying?

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