It's All About Timing
It's All About Timing john crichton/aeryn sun stories

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A work by a_damned_scientist adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

It's All About Timing

“I'm coming with you,” Aeryn announced, marching in to the docking bay and taking instant ownership of the situation.

“Aeryn, we got one shot at the wormhole before the Scarrans arrive,” John countered, continuing to make his preparations.

It was funny how their relationship had changed over the years:  During his first year or so he would have acquiesced, thinking it might curry favour with her.

More recently he would have told her to sling her hook. Or simply ignored her.

Now he just wanted to be sure she understood the full ramifications, wanted to be sure that they’d covered every base and had their plans straight and aligned.

“Pilot's explained this manoeuvre to me. He's not very optimistic.” Aeryn tried to verbally pin him in one place, to stop him from doing his stuff and give her his full attention.

Deciding it would probably be best, for all sorts of reasons, if he did so, he stopped moving and looked her in the eye, although he did continue to tinker,

more to give his hands something to do than anything else.

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