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It's a Wrap

Wrap parties for Darkest Night could generally be counted on for a few things.

There would be food and beer, and although Mason and a few of the others might complain it was cheap shit, Tony didn’t give a damn about that.

Free food was free food, and if it came with free beer that was even better, even if CB always made sure there was a drink ticket system to keep anyone from going too crazy on his dime.

Mason always had a date - always a different girl, always the kind of leggy and unmemorable type that made Tony wonder if they all looked the same to straight guys, too,

or if they were only indistinguishable if you didn’t have any interest in getting them back to your trailer. The rolled eyes from Amy, Kate, and Zev did not exactly enlighten him.

And Lee always had a date, too. Other people - Saleen, Mouse, Amy, whoever - went on and off.

In and out of relationships, or in and out of their significant other being willing to put up with a room full of TV people for a whole night. For some dates it was an exciting novelty.

For others, it was torture. But Lee always had somebody.

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