It's a PI kind of thing
It's a PI kind of thing dominick "sonny" carisi jr. / original female character stories

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It's a PI kind of thing

Ren marched up the stairs of the station,

she had a determined look on her face and her phone was clenched in her right hand while her handbag dangled over her left shoulder; she had tried to convince herself that she would never

again set foot over that station but after Olivia had texted her that she needed help finding some information,

the young PI had reluctantly agreed to drop by the station and talk to her and the team.

The only thing she was hoping was that the team consisted only of Olivia, Finn and Elliot, who had recently returned to SVU.

As she climbed the stairs, Ren felt her heart starting to pound madly in her chest with anticipation,

she grabbed the handrail with her free hand and forced herself to continue up the stairs; she had promised Olivia that she would help and she couldn’t just turn around and run back to

her apartment, her word meant a lot and she had to be a professional.

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