It's a kind of magic
It's a kind of magic kasabian stories

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It's a kind of magic

« Good morning. May the day be filled with blessings for you and your people. »

John Desmond started and raised a confused look on the man standing above him, too tall, too dark, too… He caught sight of the small mark on his wrist and shivered.

So they had found them out eventually. He stood up, feeling an unusual weakness in his knees, aware of the sudden silence in the room.

Every member of the council had stepped back; conversations had died.

John Desmond swallowed hard. “Mylord warlock,” he said in a voice he wanted not to tremble. “Such an unexpected visit…”

The visitor offered a striking sight. He was tall, abnormally so, and very thin.

His long dark hair, the depths of his changing eyes, his short dark beard made him look alien to this country of fair-haired, blue-eyed farmers.

For a couple of seconds Desmond wondered if he should maybe kiss the dark Opal embedded in a thick silver ring and remembered in time that such a sign of devotion was for a priest,

not a sorcerer.

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