it was a beautiful wind
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A fanfic by sternenrotz posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

it was a beautiful wind

Josh always feels exhausted after the hour's over.

Fari’s sitting in the waiting room tonight, and they put away the magazine they were only pretending to read in the first place as soon as Josh clicks the door of the office shut behind her.

“Hey Bird.”


Fari's on their feet to wrap an arm around her shoulders and kiss her forehead pretty much as soon as she's close enough to do so.

Their skin smells fresh like the air in a chilly pine forest, still with the cold from outside sticking to it.

“Laura's not coming out tonight?”

“No, no, it's… we said goodbye inside, I cut it short, so.”

Josh’s therapist is called Laura. She’s about her age, maybe a little older, and she’s got springy curls and straight white teeth.

She smiles a lot, maybe too much for someone in her line of work, and she insists Josh call her by her first name.

Josh knows she’s got two sons and a husband, and that she studied in Cambridge and opened her office in Camden Town four years ago.

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