It Started in Rockaway Beach
It Started in Rockaway Beach alcohol abuse/alcoholism stories

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It Started in Rockaway Beach

“Beach 116

Street. Last stop”.  The voice of the train conductor came over the speakers in the last car.  Ross Poldark looked out the window of the subway car as it pulls into the station.

The breaks screeched to a halt and the doors slide open.  He gathered his duffel bag and exited into the brightly lit and seemingly new station.

The tile and steel are harsh contrasts to the old train car behind him.  It was evidence of the rebuilding that had gone on over the past two years.

Ross had heard stories of the devastation Hurricane Sandy had caused this town and had read up a little on its history.

The 11 mile stretch of peninsula was one of the oldest towns in New York. In the early part of the 20

century, it was known as the “Irish Riviera” as so many immigrants made their home here.

In the past 15 years however, not only had the populace changed from mainly Irish to all ethnicities, this small beach town had seen its share of upheaval and tragedy.

Starting with 9/11, when many residents were lost either in the towers as office workers or as first responders.

Multitudes of police and firefighters came from Rockaway and the neighborhood was hit hard.

It continued with a plane crashing into the quiet neighborhood only two months later,

resulting not only in the death of the passengers but many on the ground when blocks were razed leaving nothing but rubble in its wake. And finally THE storm.

Twelve hours of Mother Nature wreaking havoc and changing this beautiful beach town into something that looked like a war zone.

Ross read what he could on this neighborhood during his trip over and was impressed with the resilience of its inhabitants.

From what he had found out, after each event, the inhabitants worked together to rise from the ashes and make their town better than before.

He hoped that being in this kind of atmosphere would help him find his own resilience as well.

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