It May Be Time To Go
It May Be Time To Go ryuudou issei stories

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fanfic by mininephthys adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

It May Be Time To Go

By his second year of high school, Issei Ryudo was well aware that he was a homosexual.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out.

There had been an attractive older monk who Issei’d had confusing yearnings for, and then there was Shirou Emiya, who had cemented that Issei was attracted to men.

By his second year of high school, Issei was well aware that Shirou was heterosexual.

There’d been only one incident where Issei had wavered from this belief, and that was when Shirou had demanded for him to strip in school.

Anyone would wonder about that, give him a break!

He hadn’t expected for Shirou to be so oblivious to any sexual connotations to taking off another man’s clothes that he wouldn’t see a thing wrong with it.

His ill-advised (in Issei’s opinion) relationship with Rin Tohsaka just gave more evidence to what Issei already knew to be true.

So he moved on.

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