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It Gets Better

Everything had changed after the Volturi left. Everyone moved on, and she tried. She did. She just couldn’t, not in La Push. Not when everyone had found something to live for.

Jacob and Quil had their imprints. Seth and Embry had their girlfriends. Not to mention that over half of Sam’s pack was imprinted or in some kind of loving relationship.

It was hard not to be jealous when everyone was happy. But she decided to push through until…Her mom and Charlie had gotten married.

Of course she went to the wedding, and smiled, pretending to be happy for her mom. All in all, she couldn’t deal with the fact that when her mom said “I do” it meant that everything was over.

It felt like the family that she’d grown up in was over. There was no more “Clearwater family.

” It had only been two years since her dad died, and a Leah couldn’t except that out over twenty years of marriage was gone within an instant.

Sure Harry was dead, but it was like Sue and Seth never grieved.

Leah herself felt cheated of her grief as she was forced to join Seth in the supernatural fight, but Harry had always been on her mind.

Sue and Seth just instantly began moving on, Sue with the Swan and Seth with the supernatural world.

And as when she looked around the room at the people, the Cullen family, and the packs smiling and congratulating them, she felt so out of place. She wasn’t happy for them.

She hated this development.

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