Island Of Fear
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Island Of Fear

Danny's eyes snapped opened wide with fear and he stared into the darkness of the room as he tried to slow his racing heart and bring his breathing back under control.

He swallowed hard as he turned his head to look at his bedside clock. The illuminated numbers flashed - 03.12.

Sitting up in bed, he rubbed his hand through his sweat soaked curls, he sighed, aware that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to go back to sleep.

Untangling himself from the light sheet that was wrapped around him, he climbed out of bed and stumbled out into the living room, resisting the urge to turn on the lights as he went.

He crossed the room to the lanai door and opened it, allowing the cool sweet scented breeze wash away the last lingering tendrils of his nightmare.

Sitting down on one of the cushioned lanai chairs, Danny stared out at the darkness, unsure of what he should do. The nightmares were so real, so frightening.

The dreams had begun just after his rescue, six months ago, from The Order of the United Brethren cult.

At first he was able to dismiss them as the lingering side effects of the drugs that Doc had told him had been slipped into the cult members' food and drink by the cult's leader Fontaine in

an attempt to control them, the same drugs that had robbed him of his memories of what had happened while he was undercover.

At first the dreams had happened sporadically and were easily forgotten, but in the last few weeks, he found himself waking in terror from the nightmare every night,

robbing him of his sleep and leaving him feeling sick and uneasy.

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