Is This Real Life?? (HIATUS)
Is This Real Life?? (HIATUS) chris evans stories

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Is This Real Life?? (HIATUS)

Yay! Finally on vacation, I’ve been counting down to this day for a year.

Trust me when you work for the US Government as a Marshal you look forward to the small things in life, you know things like a vacation!

Anyways, me and my friend Katie decided hey vacation? Same time? Sure why not.

Because I mean really who wants to break in a new partner that will only be around for a week and a half? Ummm… not me. Hell no! I guess neither did Katie for that matter.

I met Katie her freshmen year at college and we became instant friends. We went our separate ways when she joined the Police Academy and I went on to get my bachelors.

We still saw each other, whether it was for her graduation or mine or just to get drinks on the weekend, either way we both had the same end career goal: The US Marshals.

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