Is There Something I Should Know?
Is There Something I Should Know? rick simon stories

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fanfic by karrenia_rune adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Is There Something I Should Know?

Disclaimer: The song and the band of course belong to the band and their record label. The idea and the words of the story are the only things which are mine.

The boys are here they've just been given 'assumed" names for the purpose of the story. Also the title is the same as the song from the Duran Duran ablum "Arena."

Inside the cavernous room that that had been draped in floor to ceiling heavy maroon and white drapery that echoed the color scheme of the dining tables arranged in its center a little over

two dozen and half that many women took their assigned seats at the tables, indicated by white cards written in a delicate calligraphy with.

In the back of his mind he thought ‘So much of the important stuff happens behind closed doors and with the veneer of civility that one might also think that we do is respectable.’

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