Is There An Us?
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Is There An Us?

When the first three days without Stark making an appearance passed by, all the Avengers, including a “Friendlier” Loki,

all figured that Pepper was keeping him busy in order to keep his mind off of his break up with Bruce and Steve. It hadn't ended well at all.

Tony is left to stand on his own, while the other two find solace in each other's arms.

However, after a week and a concerned visit from Pepper who questioned Bruce and Steve about the breakup.

Because according to her, Tony had his private sector of the tower on complete lock down. They all figured he was just going through the natural stages of grieving.

The entire team felt bad, especially Bruce and Steve to a degree. Still, given time, they assumed Tony would bounce back to his normal self-centered self.

Well, everyone except Loki that is.

If directly questioned, Loki would easily deny liking Stark. No way in Hel's hell would he refer to the man as a close friend.

Of course, like everything else to leave the god of mischief’s mouth, it too would be a lie.

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