Is it Harry Potters lucky day?
Is it Harry Potters lucky day? fanfiction stories

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Is it Harry Potters lucky day?

“Boy get down here right this second!” Uncle Vernon yelled, forcing an already scared 10 year old Harry, out of the tree.

He had climbed the tree to get away from his cousin Dudley, who had been pulling his hair and punching him in the side.

Harry reluctantly jumped out of the tree walking with a bit of a limp to stand in front of his uncle, who was very fat, had a large red face, no neck bright blue eyes,

and thick black and white peppered hair.

“Why were you in the tree?”, Vernon asked. Harry answered with a bit of fear, “I was running away from Dudley because he wouldn’t stop pulling my hair and punching me in the side.

” “That’s not the truth father, Harry was calling me a stupid fat pig!” Dudley all but screamed at Vernon.

Uncle Vernon then looked at Harry with the angriest looking face he could possibly make without making his face look like a tomato.

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