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Irresistibly Cute

It did not take much to make Felicity Smoak nervous, especially when it came to people. Computers were her comfort zone.

She could spend hours typing away and be perfectly at peace, but ask her to interact with someone and she was in trouble.

Even when it was someone she knew, or sometimes especially, as not a lot of people put her at ease.

Sara Lance had many admirable qualities, God knows Felicity admired the hell out of her, but she seemed to specialise in not putting other people at ease,

and for one reason or another Felicity always felt way out of her comfort zone when this Amazon of a woman was around.

Right now she wasn't just around, she was throwing punches at Felicity's face, the tech genius doing everything she could possibly to calm her nerves and duck. Just like they had practised.

Because, let's be real here, if she wasn't expecting it there was no way Felicity could possibly duck a blow from a Master Assassin like Sara Lance, let alone several in a row.

She was even sure Sara was pulling her punches, because no way was that The Canary's top speed. Still, Felicity appreciated Sara taking it easy on her.

After all, it was the only way she was going to learn, and despite herself Felicity did get a nice warm feeling of pride as she completed the sequence without a single mistake,

even landing a blow on Sara in response. Again, just like they practiced.

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