Iron, Copper, Lead
Iron, Copper, Lead imra ardeen/rokk krinn/garth ranzz stories

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Iron, Copper, Lead

in the village of Braal, there was a blacksmith who could make anything a person desired within a night. There was one rule his customers had to obey — they couldn't watch him work.

A young boy, who was absent-minded but had a good heart, came to the blacksmith one day and said, "Blacksmith, I need a beautiful necklace with sparkling stones."

The blacksmith said, calmly and plainly, "Bring me a hundred acorns and three smooth stones from the river, and I will give you what you wish."

So the boy went to the forest and collected a hundred acorns, and he went to the river and found three smooth stones. Then he gave them to the blacksmith.

"Leave now, for I have to work," the blacksmith said, "but sleep with your window open tonight," and so he did.

The next morning, the boy saw a necklace with a hundred carved silver beads and three sapphires placed upon his windowsill.

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