Iron Claws and Fragile Hearts
Iron Claws and Fragile Hearts making out stories

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Iron Claws and Fragile Hearts

Isaac moaned softly into Allison's mouth as he cupped her left breast with one hand and reached for her bra clasp with the other.

She allowed the garment to be opened, but as he pulled it away from her chest, simultaneously breaking their kiss to eye the treasures he had uncovered, she suddenly raised her palm,

stopping him.

“Wait,” she said, her voice breathy and face flushed.

“We can slow down,” Isaac answered immediately, willing his blazing yellow wolf eyes back to their cool blue human color.

The couple had already gone much further than this during their brief time together, but Isaac was more than fine with pumping the brakes if that's what Allison needed.

She'd been having a rough time since they had defeated Deucalion and the alpha pack and she had come back from the dead along with Scott and Stiles.

Part of Isaac wondered if that's why their slowburn, burgeoning romance had suddenly ignited almost over night into an inferno – an inferno of lips, and breasts, and hands, and flesh,

and warm supple things Isaac had only fantasized about until three weeks earlier.

Part of Isaac wondered if he was little more than a distraction to her,

a way to escape the troubled thoughts and waking nightmares she wouldn't share with him but was obviously having with increasing frequency.

Part of Isaac wanted to be more than a distraction, wanted to be a true partner she could share her burden with...

but that desire was but a small part of Isaac, and a much larger, practically raging part simply wanted to go back to kissing and groping and to whatever blissful destination that would lead.

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