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A fiction by haya_dono adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“Do you want to change the past?”

The sky looked, as always, so distant from touch. Even as they went up the path of Irohazaka, the additional 400 meters above didn’t matter as it was still unreachable.

Each curve out of the 20 that spelled the poem the road owed its name to seemed treacherous, especially since half of the road was blocked by stationed cars and men clad in black.

It was an unnecessary precaution, as there were only two roads connecting the top of Lake Chuzenji,

and the 28 curves of the other path seemed less inviting (not to mention they were meant to go down the mountain).

Sure, the view was impressive and so were the curious monkeys, attracted by the banter of the men and the unusual movement at that time of the year,

since Irohazaka was crowded normally in autumn, when the scenery was dyed in hues of orange and red, and not in summer when the trees were the fantastic shades of green, green and more green.

Eventually, the monkeys became the more attractive spectacle, as they began to attack the guards, and some of the men had to hide in their armoredcars.

The woman inside the moving car snickered, thinking how someone could pretend to watch over her car if they ran away from a rabid monkey.

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