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Iris and the Flash

After about two months, Barry gives in and googles himself.


is not entirely accurate: he searches for any mention of a masked, red-clad figure running around Central City.

He expects to find some confused tweets, maybe a couple Facebook posts or the odd mention in the crime section of

. What he doesn’t expect is an entire blog, devoted to all things Streak related.

There’s no name attached to it, but a quick check reveals a local IP address.

Barry’s tempted to dig further, but some part of him resists: the coverage so far is wholly admiring,

with a respectful admonition to its audience that speculation on the Streak’s identity will not be posted.

, the blog states,

Given this, it seems ungenerous of Barry to do any snooping of his own.

He sticks to it more out of a sense of pride than anything else, but he does keep checking back.

He doesn’t love being called “the Streak” but he hasn’t been able to come up with anything that he likes better.

(Cisco says, “I still don’t get why you don’t like Impulse,” and then sulks for ten minutes after Barry rolls his eyes for the fifth time.)

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