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IR: Kanto Legends

The stench was a horrid mix of blood, viscera, and excrement. Thick enough to choke each breath. All of it hung heavily in the air like an unwanted lover.

Bodies littered the ground the vast majority of them female. Sisters, aunts, cousins. Mothers and daughters. Only two remained alive, and only one of them had a pokemon.

"Noku-" The redhead of the pair coughed, blood dripping from between her lips. She was lucky enough to be still alive, unlike her younger sister.

Ruki had died screaming at the same time as her kadabra, caught in the psychic backlash in a way that only a true telepath could be, while Kiza, their favoured cousin, had been cut in half,

her arcanine drowned. In turn, the cloyster responsible had been shelled and roasted before the monferno doing it had become prey to an arbok. That, in turn, had been shot.

It had been an ambush, and in less than five minutes they'd been felled. Perhaps it was a mercy they'd managed to kill as many as they had, but it hadn't been enough.

In the end, the Rockets had overwhelmed them via sheer numbers, and the deployed Anti-Psychic-Field had only hindered them.

If they'd been faster, more aware of the surroundings, then they could have warned Mew. She could have gotten to safety.

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