Invisible Wounds
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Invisible Wounds

A delicate hand, belonging to one Mizuno Ami, braved the bitingly cold morning air to silence the blaring contraption without thought.

With a sigh, the blunette sat up and draped her long legs over the side of the bed, before rising gracefully to her feet.

She moved directly to the bathroom. She turned the shower to hot, let her small clothes fall into a puddle at her feet, and then stepped into the luxurious steaming stream.

She stepped out clean and refreshed precisely seven minutes later.

She slipped into a simple cream colored blouse and a longer dark grey pleated skirt that she had set out on the bathroom counter the night before.

She tousled her hair dry with the towel before hanging it up. She put on some simple pearl earrings and ran her fingers through her hair bringing order to the blue frazzled strands.

She silently moved to the kitchen careful not to disturb either of her roommates who had a tendency to sleep in much later than herself.

Ami cracked two eggs expertly on the side of a bowl, tossed the shells aside, and quickly beat them until they were a warm uniform yellow in color.

The simple breakfast was ready to eat two minutes later. She ate it without fuss alongside a cup of herbal mint tea sweetened with a dash of honey.

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