Intoxicate Me
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Intoxicate Me

At just twenty years old, Sasuke Uchiha was already set for life.

As the youngest son of the esteemed Uchiha Industries – which he was to inherit once his father entered his retirement and relinquished his claim to the business – Sasuke was on the road to

a life of endless possibilities and a secure financial status.

Having graduated from his high school the top of his grade, Sasuke was guaranteed acceptance to any college or university of his choice.

Scholarships were flying his way left, right and centre, and it seemed everyone wanted a piece of the young man who would soon to be the heir of the most lucrative business in Konoha.

Add to that his astonishing good looks and how women trailed after him like lost puppies and one would call him the luckiest man on earth. All the women wanted him, all the men wanted to be him.

Adults respected him before he even had to open his mouth, and the elderly people adored him and would agree with all that he said.

Many would claim Sasuke as utterly perfect, devoid of any faults.

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