Into the West
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A short story by apathyandcookies adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Into the West

"Just a little closer," Derek mumbled around the flashlight caught between his teeth.

Only the bottom half of the young man's body was completely visible. The other half was mostly swallowed up, consumed by the engine compartment of the small aircraft he was working on.

With a ratchet in one hand and a bolt in the other, he struggled to replace the last of the mountings holding the brand new alternator inside his small Cessna 172.

His entire body seesawed on the fuselage of the aircraft, his toes only occasionally touching the top step of the wooden stepladder he was using for his repairs.

He finally managed to work the bolt into the mounting hole, causing him to grin around the flashlight protruding from his lips.

Fitting the ratchet down over it, Derek slowly drove the bolt into its receptor,

making quick movements back and forth as he worked the tool in the tight confines that the engine compartment allowed him.

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