Into the Depths
Into the Depths happy ending stories

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Into the Depths

Things were unusually bright that morning.

Well, as unusually bright as it could be at

in the morning this brisk April day. But that’s what it felt like, anyway.

Slade had found himself unable to sleep too well that night and had been perusing a newspaper in the effort to fall back asleep; but, feeling the need for an early morning snack,

he emerged from his bedroom. However, Slade found himself drawn to some noise that was currently floating from the kitchen. With his large folded newspaper in hand, he walked down the hallway.

His eyes were first assaulted by the state of the normally pristine kitchen. Flour, bowls, batter adorned the countertops.

Spoons, forks, bowls all covered in batter and flour were sprawled over the table.

Slade could’ve sworn his cabinets were supposed to be plain wood and not the currently spotted dapple white with a mixture of cream and chocolate batter. How there was batter on the

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