into the arena with your head held high
into the arena with your head held high canon-typical violence stories

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into the arena with your head held high

April 16th, 2009

The Minister of Magic's Office was large, empty, and dark.

There was little to it besides a giant desk in the centre of the circular space and enormous windows that stretched from floor to ceiling,

letting the bright moonlight dimply haunt the shadowy room.

It was a sparse space, but not a clean one.

Papers and shredded books were strewn across the filthy marble floor,

and the giant desk had clearly seen days as a curse shield from the magical burns that covered it along with the entire room.

This scorched office had not been in the use of a Minister of Magic for many years, and had likely been abandoned for just as long.

A figure drifted past one of the windows, only noticeable in how it made a shadow against the moonlight on the floor and temporarily blocked out some stars in a black silhouette.

On a night eleven years ago, the light pollution of London would have meant that there were few stars to block if any, but now there seemed to be more stars than could be counted.

They twinkled brightly all over the sky, with not a helicopter or satellite in sight. Light pollution and such things had not been a problem in Great Britain for many years now.

London was dark, completely dark, and the stars shined for it.

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