Into Abyss
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Into Abyss

Earth must have stopped rotating, pigs were surely flying everwhere and if Beck looked to his side a little he was sure he would see his own earlobes.

It couldn’t have taken more than a second, but it felt like years as those three bullets escaped the man’s gun, flying in an orderly matter towards Jade.

How he wished he could say someone was holding him back, someone had stopped him from running towards her to shield her body from the bullets.

But nothing was stopping him, yet he couldn’t move his limbs, he could only watch as they connected with her.

The first one hit her below her right chest, the second caught her lower stomach and the final went throw her left shoulder.

She didn’t scream, just slid slowly against the wall, gasping. Her hand covering the crimson blood that had seeped through her black shirt, and her hair fanning out against her procelain skin.

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