Into A Walled Garden
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Into A Walled Garden

"King Garon of Nohr has honored us with two betrothals. His daughter Camilla to your brother, Ryouma. And you, Hinoka, to his eldest son, the Crown Prince Marx.

" That was the first thing her father had told her when he had returned from a journey to the country of Chevalier.

During that journey, apparently the two kings had met by chance on neutral ground and had come to an accord— an end to the war in exchange for an arrangement of marriage.

Hinoka had been eight at the time. She remembered how at first she'd been silent with shock, unsure how she was supposed to respond to her father's announcement.

Then her child self had gathered the courage to ask, voice cracking, "You mean, I can't choose who I marry?"

had gone unsaid.

Sumeragi had answered her as a king. "For the sake of peace Nohr's prince, Marx, must be your husband. This choice has been made for the good of Hoshido, because you are its princess."

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