Internecio - Your love will be my downfall
Internecio - Your love will be my downfall robert downey jr. stories

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Internecio - Your love will be my downfall

"Oh lord it's happening, can I just stay in bed and pretend it is NOT happening?" Jude looked over at Sienna sitting on their bed, she was wearing her coat

with her suitcase in one hand all ready to jet off to Los Angeles in three hours.

"Jude!" Sienna laughed, "…calm down darling, you have worked with plenty of actors like him before! You'll get on great together, he’s a funny guy and you

even have the same humour!"

Jude just couldn't help it. He pullet the duvet a bit higher over his face. He was always incredibly nervous when it came to shooting movies with well

known actors and Robert Downey Junior certainly was exactly that and more.

“You do realize this is Robert Downey Junior I’m talking about? The guys ridiculously confident and full of himself! His ego seems as gigantic as Mount

Everest for all I know...” he pouted.

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