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A fanfic by multiversonalitydisorder adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


For once, work actually went smooth today. For once, Ayase didn’t get caught into some misadventure.

It was getting late; Kanou and Ayase had already eaten dinner.

While the little cherub cleaned up the dishes, the man laid on the couch in some comfy blue sweatpants, hair still dripping ever so slightly from the recent shower.

His eyes were closed as he allowed his stomach to digest the wondrous food that was his beloved’s.

It was such a superb feeling, hearing nothing but the sound of Ayase cleaning the dishes, scrubbing, the water running,

the faucet turning; those simple things were able to bring a rather delighted smile to the Great Kanou’s lips. A smile that was soon shattered at the sound of knocking at his door.

"What the hell?" he growled. How did someone…who would be stupid enough to…?

"I’ll get it," Ayase offered as he slipped off his gloves, however he stopped midway as Kanou stood up.

The man almost stomped over towards the door, but he still reclaimed quite a bit of himself for he was a man who was supposed to stride with pride.

The man unlocked the door, practically throwing it open, and just as he was about to holler at the intruder he froze, completely speechless and wide-eyed.

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