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Hiccup sat in his bed, waiting. This had become his usual routine, after he became of age for the link to work.

He would sit for hours, checking for any markings on his body from his soulmate, but none ever appeared. He had tried drawing on his own skin many times, but that changed nothing.

Hiccup had been 16 for almost a year, and soulmates were never older or younger than each other by more than a year.

So, after he had waited for almost two hours and nothing had appeared, he went to sleep.

Upon waking the next morning, Hiccup discovered a small, snowflake-ish pattern on his arm, he smiled widely and ran down stairs,

“Dad! Dad! Look!!” Hiccup dashed into the living room, shoving his arm in front of his fathers face.

“Is that fr-” Hiccups father, Stoick, was cut off by his son.

“Yes!! It’s from my soulmate!! It’s finally worked!! I’m so happy!!” Hiccup was ecstatic, “I’ve been waiting so long!! I should draw something back! See you later, dad!”

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