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Informal Chat

Jim would have a little informal chat with his colleagues Martin and Eric.

Then he would start complaining that Sir Humphrey was going in and out of his office without any regard to whether it was convenient for him. He wanted to know if it was a normal practise.

Apparently not.

„Oh? No such luck for me!“ Martin The Foreign Secretary said sulkily.

„I would speak to my Permanent Secretary in the morning, but if I want to speak to him at any other time I have to hunt him down myself. Good thing he is not too difficult to spot...

Usually Frederick is to be found in the canteen and insists upon speaking in front of The Chef. Then I would have to dodge dozens of tricks to force-feed me.

In most cases it is more convenient to catch the latest news on telly!“

Leaving it at that, then Jim bought up a complete lack of transparency in DAA dealings and the impossibility of having any open dialogue with Sir Humphrey.

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