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A work by marmasto adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


"OSOMATSU GET BACK HERE YOU BASTARD!" Choromatsu was chasing Osomatsu around the house, Osomatsu had been looking through one of his valued idol magazines.

"Awww I didn't know you also liked this idol, seems bit of a plain look. Don't you think Fappymatsu?" Osomatsu was waving the magazine in front of Choromatsu mockingly.

Choromatsu snatched the magazine from his hands and walked back upstairs ignoring the question.

Osomatsu chuckled and decided to go see what his other younger brothers where doing.

Going into their room he saw Choromatsu back in the spot he was in before with an annoyed expression. Osomatsu chuckled earning a death glare to come from the younger.

Looking around the room there where only another 2 in there.

It was Todomatsu texting on his phone to someone that they probably did not know about and Ichimatsu sitting in the corner staring off into space. Osomatsu walked over to Todomatsu.

"So who are ya talking to Totty?" Todomatsu answered without looking up from his phone. "Oh just a friend.

" Osomatsu knew it would be pointless to try to get much out of his brother so he went on to look at Ichimatsu.

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