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A short story by huehuehueyeahboiiiii posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The instructions are simple, really. Wade doesn’t know what’s so hard about the few words he bluntly tells Peter.

But Peter looks at him as if he has asscheeks for eyeballs when all Wade wanted was Bambi’s asscheeks on his eyeballs.

More like his asscheeks cradling Wade’s face so he could go to town with his tongue.

. A good, old-fashioned butt-munch. Rimjob. Ass-licking. Tongue-fucking. Whatever it was called. Deadpool wasn’t the one who got Wade into this: Wade was always into this freaky shit.

Liked to lock down on squirming hips so he could thrust his tongue in and out as a precursor to what his dick would soon do to that twitching hole.

Sit there and let Bambi ride his face all day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Make Baby Boy scream for his fucking Daddy while he spreads those cheeks apart—

“—that’s what’s wrong with people these days. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions. Nobody cares. People just throw trash on the street and neglect their kids.

If I have to count how many food wrappers I slipped on

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