Incentive Salience
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Incentive Salience

“Sullivan! What are you looking at now?!”

Mike has been driving James insane

, just for some tedious mid-semester exams.

Sulley continues to stare outside of the window, listening to the morning birds chirp quietly on the roofs of the houses whilst seeking for any kind of escape from this damn boring study session.

“We could do with a break Mike. After all, we’ve managed to do 10 minutes so far!” Squishy beams.

“Exactly! I can’t have us getting distracted so easily in a mere 10 minutes!” Sulley rolls his eyes at the smaller monster beside him.

8am was not a time you should be awake at. At least not for a scarer like James P. Sullivan, who should be saving their energy for

instead of learning about the pitches and volumes of roars they already instinctively know about because, he

how to roar! But Mike Wazowski, the one stubborn little monster who he ended up getting involved with, and who he now depended on for “studying scaring”, doesn’t seem to understand.

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