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A fanfic by liyyah posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In Your Eyes

Felicity Smoak was born with one eye the colour of the sky and another that resembled the ocean.

When she was younger she would often think about the day that one would change colour after meeting her soulmate.

She would wonder about him and the kind of person he was and what he looked like. She hoped mint chip was his favourite ice cream flavour too and that he would like her glasses.

But then her father left without a second glance and she watched her mother become a shell of who she once was and Felicity never thought about soulmates again.

She began wishing that she didn’t have one. That she was one of the glitches, a mistake made by the universe who didn’t have a partner that was made just for them.

Cases were rare but they did exist. Felicity found herself hoping more and more that she was one of them.

Each night that she would have to pick her drunken mother up from the bar at two in the morning or listen to her sobs seeping through the too thin walls,

she prayed that she would never find her soulmate. She didn’t want anything to do with one.

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