in which yoite reads a lot
in which yoite reads a lot rokujou miharu stories

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in which yoite reads a lot

Miharu’s job is only a part time one. He comes in on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 4:00 until closing at the library where he works.

It’s not particularly glamorous, but the pay is okay, and he gets to work in silence for most of the time.

The only exception to that being when someone requests help, or when someone needs to check out a book,

but even that is nothing more than polite hellos and telling them the date which their books are due.

Because it’s only part time, he’s not sure whether the person he keeps seeing comes in every day, or just happens to overlap with the days he works.

Either way, there’s one boy that comes in, always at 4:30 once Miharu’s settled in, and reads.

He doesn’t look at the books very often; most of his visit genuinely just consists of reading, always in the back, always so far away that Miharu can hardly see him.

The books he reads are large and seemingly time consuming, spines thick and covers hardback, but every time Miharu sees him, he has something different.

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