In Which Dave Is Stuck In A Random Timline
In Which Dave Is Stuck In A Random Timline jack noir stories

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In Which Dave Is Stuck In A Random Timline

I woke up laying on the floor. I looked around to see it was one of the “living rooms” in the meteor. I sat up to see that Karkat was cleaning, but he looked different.

Did he have curves now? Yeah he did. That was a little weird.

“Hey, Strider.” He sounded a lot more feminine than before too. That’s a little weird, but okay. Oh yeah, he was talking to me. I guess I should should answer.

“Sup.” I stood up after answering, since I guess it was weird to just lay on the floor while he was cleaning.

“Just trying to clean up all these fucking faygo bottles. You actually want to be useful and help?” He turned around and had boobs? Yeah okay so this was a girl Karkat.

He- she just glared at me and I guess this Dave was still a boy, because she didn’t know I wasn’t him.

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