In Too Deep
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In Too Deep

Saitou Hajime unlocked the door to his new rat hole of an apartment and looked around.  It did not disappoint, it was just as beat up and grimy as he had expected.

Kami, how he hated working undercover, but when the flipping leader of the country calls and casually asks you to do something...well, you do it.

He dropped the box he was holding and walked through the rest of the apartment.

Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a cramped living room and a kitchen with dubious claims to a working stove and fridge.

He raked a hand through his hair and headed back down the stairs, the movers he had hired did not actually move boxes so they were waiting on him to empty his stuff from their truck.

An hour later the "movers" were gone, his new car was parked in his own parking space and he was putting his bed together.

He already missed his car, it was a fully loaded SUV that would go anywhere he wanted it to.

The car he was driving for this assignment was a 10 year old generic silver car and he hated it with a passion.  He also already missed his apartment, which was amazingly awesome.

You could afford nice things when you saved the government from disaster for a career, unfortunately you also had to be away from those nice things a fair bit to actually accomplish that work.

Every perk had a down side as far as he was concerned.  He finished up with his bed and put his clothes away, he then arranged his ratty living room furniture and deep cleaned his kitchen.

He had insisted on an unfurnished apartment for a reason...he did not want bed bugs.

He kept an entire house full of old looking furniture just for these kinds of assignments and he was terribly thankful for that foresight with this mission.

He looked down at his watch after all his house keeping chores were finished, it was nearly time for dinner so he decided to do a bit of grocery shopping and maybe grab a pizza on the way back.

His contacts would be stopping by sometime around midnight so he still had plenty of time.

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