In the Shadow's Glow
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In the Shadow's Glow

When it came to the matter of their luck since the beginning of their journey away from Lucis, the percentage for the royal circle had hit an all time low on that particular day.

It began when the last gas station they stopped at overcharged them when they had to refill the Regalia.

The employees running it had handed them the 'Imperial Army' reasoning, which all the businesses they stopped at had used since Nifelheim's power in the world increased.

The men understood things had gone south since Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt took over the Nifeli throne and doubled his efforts to claim the world as his own.

They knew the hardships that befell Eos since he ambushed their kingdom with his robotic army in an effort to gain control over the crystal – they'd witnessed it first hand.

But with the need to save every last bit of gil they had to put towards food and supplies, that one overcharge bothered Ignis greatly.

The issue dug itself under his skin and left an uncomfortable itch he couldn't ignore.

With the amount of time he'd spend recalculating their expenses and remaining funds until they could claim another bounty, the strategist knew sleep would be far from attainable that night.

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