In the shade of greatness
In the shade of greatness the avengers (marvel) stories

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In the shade of greatness

Chris let out a great sigh, opening a bottle of Jack Daniels before mixing it with some Coke and letting himself fall back onto his super large couch. It was exhausting. To say the least.

And by "IT" he meant his life. Which was funny considering that at the very moment he found

himself sitting in his new house overlooking the moonshine over the ocean. The house they bought less than a year ago in Byron Bay was incredibly stunning

with its panoramic views over the beach, but still he felt burned out, exhausted.

He loved Elsa, he loved his two twins Tristan and Sasha and his little baby girl India over the moon, yet he still could not deny that sometimes he

was more than happy to get away from them to film a new movie or attend premieres. It was great being with just Elsa and India but now it was triple

trouble. It was always a bit of a shock coming back from weeks of quiet hotel nights to three screaming and demanding children, though usually it took him no

more than ten days to miss all of them to an unhealthy point and no more than five days of wanting to return back to work whenever he arrived home. Only

for some days of course. Which was impossible of course. His life was unbalanced.

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