In the Shade of a Sakura Tree
In the Shade of a Sakura Tree oc named meiline who is important to story line stories

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In the Shade of a Sakura Tree

I rounded the corner and came face to face with my new worst nightmare, Julia Academy.

A week after school let out for summer vacation, I received a letter in the mail from Julia Academy, asking me to transfer to their school. Mom (“Call me mama, Yuu-chan.

”) was absolutely thrilled, but I only glared at the letter with suspicion. This must be some sort of cruel joke to make fun of me.

They had just finished building the school about a year ago. It was only a ten minute walk from my house.

While they were in the midst of construction, many rumors sprung up at my school, especially from the gossiping girls in my class.

Apparently, it was supposed to become a very elite school that would accept kids in all grades from all over the world.

A article was placed in the newspaper the day of its official opening.

The article stated the academy was named after a woman who wanted to build her own school, but she died because of illness before she could achieve this task.

It further explained that her brother decided to finalize the plans she left behind. I skimmed over the rest of the article.

It mentioned that the woman, Julia von Wincott, wanted to build the school here in Japan because she loved Japanese culture and she wanted to share the culture with all her students.

I glanced back up at the top of the article where there was a black and white picture of a beautiful, young woman. It was a shame the picture wasn’t colored.

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