In the hotel waiting
In the hotel waiting kamen rider kiva stories

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In the hotel waiting

I suppose I never really put serious thought into the topic.

I was very isolated when I grew up, and I never really was exposed to the fact that girls are supposed to want children and become mothers.

I think it's because my mother wanted me to be prepared for my own fate, which was to be married to another woman.

And of course, while Mio and I are expected to have a child, I can't afford to be pregnant myself. My role is too dangerous and too many people are eager to kill me.

Taiga and I were lovers before we found out we were related, but I don't feel comfortable sleeping with him now because we're family.

He seems to have no such reservation, especially if a pregnancy would keep me safe and out of danger. I've had to terminate one before, and I think I broke his heart doing it.

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